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4m Floors for Custodial Contracts

From new build prisons such as HMP Garth to active prisons like HMP Strangeways, 4m are leading the way in seamless resin floor installation.

The use of resin surfaces which are bonded in situ to the concrete slab avoids problems that could occur with other floors that are not sealed to the surface being manipulated to hide weapons or drugs.

For this reason, in prison cells and showers, more and more institutions are turning to resin applications.

4m are working closely with the prison service and also main contractors to offer resin systems that cannot be picked at or lifted, are fully waterproof and can also be anti-slip.

These modern flooring systems come in a variety of colours and will still be performing 20 years after installation.

4m operatives are fully compliant with all Scotland Yard and HM Prison Service security checks and are familiar with the requirements of working in these secure delicate environments. Out of hours working is undertaken to suit this field of work.

4m has worked in custodial environments including:

Broadmoor Secure Hospital
HMP Featherstone 2
HMP Acklington
Safe Custody Suite Caernarfon Police Station
Safe Custody Suite Wrexham Police Station
Yardley Green Medium Secure Unit