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4m Floors for Food and Drink Environments

Hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities for the food industry. 4m's extensive experience in working with the food sector means it understands the industry's needs and can supply effective solutions.

4m's polyurethane floors are hard wearing with an anti-slip finish for the ultimate in workplace safety.

The flooring is seamless so that there are no cracks or holes where food debris and dirt can gather.

Our polyurethane floors also offer excellent resistance to sugar, impact resistance to cope with falling bottles and subject to the specification can even be steam cleaned.

Special floors can be provided containing anti microbial agents, while purpose built coving assures a seamless match between floors and walls for added protection. Drainage can also be designed in the overall flooring installation programme.

4m has worked in food and drink environments including:

Tulip UK
Kimberly Clark